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Green Globe Certified

Carraway Village strives to keep sustainability in mind for the well-being of our project and residents. Our Green Globes certification shows we incorporated those sustainability elements into our property. Life at Carraway means supporting resource efficiency and reducing environmental impacts.

Benefits of Green
Globe Certified

Energy Conservation

Tree canopy lit up by the sunlight
Splashing water droplets

Lowered Water Consumption

Responsible Use of Materials

Stacked wood log ends

Carraway Village’s
Sustainable Amenities

  • Tesla charging stations outdoors in parking lot at Carraway Village Apartments

    Car Charging Stations

    Carraway Village is committed to sustainable living, and one way we support this goal is through our Tesla charging station.

  • Exterior of Carraway Village Apartments showing apartment building and parking lot

    Advanced Framing Techniques

    Green building techniques allow builders to use less lumber while still meeting all the necessary strength and safety requirements. Carraway uses fewer resources overall, making us more environmentally friendly than properties with traditional building techniques.

  • Apartment bedroom with comfy bed, ceiling fan, carpet, and large windows

    Extra Efficient Low-E Windows

    Low-emissivity glass helps regulate the temperature in your home by reflecting heat back into the room without compromising the amount of light that comes in. This means that low-e windows can improve the thermal efficiency of your home, making it more comfortable and saving you money on energy bills in the process.

  • Studio apartment luxury kitchen with high-end finishes and appliances

    Energy Star Appliances

    Reduce your energy consumption and your electricity bill by using ENERGY STAR® appliances. These appliances are designed to use less electricity than standard models without sacrificing features or performance.

  • Sound insulation graphic

    Extra Wall and Floor Insulation

    We built Carraway Village with extra wall and floor insulation for more internal temperature control that doesn’t cost you more. The Emerson’s insulation also lowers its energy usage, so it’s excellent for your pocket as well as the environment.

  • Chapel Hill apartment bathroom with water efficient plumbing fixtures

    Water Efficient Plumbing Fixtures

    We’ve implemented water efficient plumbing fixtures to cut down on water waste. This helps us save water and money, while still providing our residents with the quality fixtures they deserve.

  • Chapel Hill apartment with open concept layout and sliding barn doors

    Low VOC Paints and Sealants

    Low VOC paint and sealants emit fewer fumes, improve air quality inside the building, and are environmentally friendlier than their traditional counterparts. At Carraway, we prioritize the well-being of our residents, but it doesn’t hurt that using low VOC materials also helps us reduce our carbon footprint.

  • Exterior of Carraway Village apartments showing apartment building, grass area, and native plants around sidewalk

    Native Plants

    We aim to preserve the environment’s natural balance by using native plants in our design. Native plants have evolved over time to be well-suited to their particular climate and soil, which means we don’t need to use excess water or fertilizers to keep them thriving.

  • Resident lounge with couches and TVs

    Make Carraway Village Your Home

    Experience the best of Chapel Hill living in our exceptional luxury apartments. Find your dream home with us today and unlock a world of possibilities. Welcome to Carraway Village, a Northwood Ravin Signature Community.
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